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From Latin America to the world

We are a company that offers technology from Latin America to the world, with clients in 23 countries in the region and expanding to other markets.

We are known for being very close to our clients. What’s more, our products reflect the constant conversations we have about your needs and challenges.

Our Clients Testimonials

Success stories, Colombia

“First benefit, the issue of quality measurement, it allowed us to draw quality management indicators both through surveys and through online reviews, that has determined a new standard and an indicator to really measure the quality within the hotels”

Martha Soto – 3C Hotels Marketing Manager


Cosmos Hotels

“The myHotel tool has been an enormous support, because it is not only to believe that we are good, but to validate and know that each and every one of our guests validates it”

Juan Carlos Pradilla – General Manager Hotel Cosmos 100


Lancaster House

“It is very useful, very easy to see the comments of the guests, I am one of the people that when I see those alerts, I immediately try to communicate with the guest”

Fausto Peñata – Director of Operations Lancaster House


Tequendama Hotels

“When the guest […] can sit quietly to answer a survey, he is much more honest. Then he makes you a complete reflection of what was his experience”

Elkin Triana – Head of Food and Beverage Hotels Tequendama


Success stories, Cartagena

“MyHotel is extremely useful, because in one place we find all the information we need, in terms of the perception of the guests, to know how they are perceiving each of our services”

María Alejandra González – Administrator Hotel Casa del Arzobispado


Talbot Hotels

“The biggest improvement is that our guests feel that we are listening to them day by day and that they do not leave the hotel without having said the good and the bad […] I believe that is what has made us believe in the tool and we are constantly using it “

Cecilia Bert – Manager Holiday Inn Express Chile – Argentina


Cumbres Lastarria Hotel

“The main function, the Pre Check-In, it is one of the most used in the operational area. Where we manage from the transport that the guest requires, as well as the attention they require”

Franco Funes – Chief of Operations Hotel Cumbres Lastarria


Plaza San Francisco Hotel

“MyHotel is a help and a complement to the management that you do inside the hotel. In fact what myHotel has done is to complement the work with immediacy, with what people now want to happen”

Felipe Gajardo – General Manager Hotel Plaza San Francisco