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Boost your revenue and delight your guests with our additional service solution

Maximize sales opportunities and provide a personalized and memorable stay in your hotel.

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Increased revenues

Make the most of every stay by offering additional services and exclusive experiences that generate additional revenue for your hotel.

Personalization of the stay

Allow your guests to choose from a wide range of services and upgrades to tailor their stay to their individual preferences and needs.

Improve customer satisfaction

By offering additional services that exceed your guests' expectations, you provide them with an unforgettable experience and increase their overall satisfaction level.

Customer loyalty

By providing your guests with a personalized and memorable experience, you increase the chances that they will return for future stays and recommend your hotel to others.

Service Catalog

Create a customized catalog of additional services that fits the characteristics and style of your hotel, providing attractive and relevant options for your guests.

Special offers and promotions

Highlight additional services with special offers and exclusive promotions to encourage your guests to take advantage of upselling opportunities.

Integración con el sistema de reservas

Nuestra herramienta se integra fácilmente con tu sistema de reservas existente, permitiéndote gestionar y ofrecer servicios adicionales de manera eficiente y sin complicaciones.

Monitoring and analysis

Get detailed reports and statistics on upselling of additional services, allowing you to identify patterns and trends to adjust your upselling strategy and maximize revenue.

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Schedule a meeting with your Account Manager to find out how Upsell can help your hotel!


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