Web Check-in

Save time and provide convenience to your guests with our Web Check-In tool

Simplify the check-in process and improve your guests' experience from the moment they arrive at your hotel

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Save time

Eliminate long lines and unnecessary paperwork by allowing your guests to check in before they arrive. This way, they can receive their keys and start enjoying their stay more quickly and efficiently.

Comfort for guests

Provide a stress-free experience by allowing your guests to check in from the comfort of their home or while in transit. This gives them greater flexibility and control over their arrival at the hotel.

Error reduction

By avoiding the manual check-in process at the front desk, data entry errors are minimized and greater accuracy in the information provided by guests is ensured.

Customization of the experience

Obtain relevant information about your guests' preferences and needs during the Web Check-In process. This allows you to anticipate their requirements and offer a customized service from the moment they arrive.

Intuitive interface

User-friendly design that guides your guests step-by-step through the online check-in process without hassle or confusion

Perfect integration

Our tool integrates seamlessly with your existing hotel management system, making it easy to synchronize information and ensuring a smooth transition

Data security

Keep your guests' information safe and secure thanks to our high-level security standards, guaranteeing the confidentiality of personal data

Instant confirmation

Once the Web Check-In process is completed, your guests will receive an instant confirmation via email or text message, giving them peace of mind and certainty of their successful registration

+1500 hotels use myHotel in Latin America and worldwide

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Schedule a meeting with your Account Manager to find out how Web Check-in can help your hotel!


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