Why use IRO as a key metric in your hotel?

Why Use IRO as a Key Metric in Your Hotel?
We love measuring ourselves against others, don't we? The IRO allows you to do just that. How are you performing compared to other similar hotels?

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In a world where online opinions have the power to make or break a hotel’s reputation, myHotel’s Online Reputation Index (IRO) can be a reliable compass to navigate turbulent digital waters. In this article, we’ll tell you why.


We love measuring ourselves against others, don’t we? The IRO allows you to do just that. How are you performing compared to other similar hotels? It not only reveals your performance but also places you on a competition map.

The Online Reputation Index (IRO stands for its Spanish acronym) is an indicator that reflects your relative position compared to other similar hotels. Why is this crucial?

Because in a market where competition is intense, standing out means securing a better position in that ranking, which is essential to increase sales and recognition.

The Power of Strategy:

If you’re in the hospitality world, you know it’s all about providing an incredible experience for your guests. This indicator helps set clear goals and create strategies to achieve them. Want to be the most popular hotel on the web? The IRO is your guide to get there!

Now, the big question: how do you know if your IRO is like an Olympic champion or if it needs a little exercise?

The ABCs of IRO:

  • High >80%: You’re the star of online reputation. Congratulations!
  • Medium >60% and 79%: You’re on the right track, but there’s still room to shine brighter.
  • Low <59%: Time to turn on the emergency lights! It’s time to work on that online reputation.

Deciphering the Hidden Signals:

The Online Reputation Index (IRO) is more than just a number. It’s a comprehensive evaluation that considers multiple dimensions: qualification, coverage, and reviews.

IRO – Online Reputation Index eBook

These areas are fundamental pillars that define a hotel’s digital perception. However, it’s crucial to go beyond the surface to understand how these metrics combine and shape online reputation.

If you want to delve deeper into the IRO, we’ve created a detailed resource. You can review our eBook here. There, you’ll find a detailed description of how this metric is composed, dimensions, and calculation examples.

The beauty of the Online Reputation Index doesn’t just lie in its measurement but in how it helps you grow. Want to know more about your hotel?

With myHotel, you can monitor your IRO whenever you want! So, the next time you think about your hotel’s online reputation, remember: the IRO isn’t just a number, it’s your key to unlocking digital success!

Ana Fernanda de las Fuentes

Ana Fernanda de las Fuentes

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